UnionConnect is the first communications platform for mobile devices built specifically for the needs of the labor movement.

More than just another mobile app for labor unions, our mobile platform empowers labor organizations large and small with the tools they need to communicate directly and instantly with their members across myriad mobile devices.



UnionConnect partners with national and international unions to deliver affiliated locals the most cost-effective and powerful union-to-member communication tool ever developed. We offer:


Customization for each member

UnionConnect puts the information that is important to each member at their fingertips. Your locals’ members no longer need to hunt through their local’s website to find what they are looking for.


Push notifications

UnionConnect leverages Push Notification technology, meaning members get alerted of important events and announcements. Your notifications can be targeted by the member’s local, bargaining unit, work location, and more.

Searchable contracts

Contracts are available for members to reference as needed. Fully searchable, UnionConnect’s contracts feature helps members find the information they need to know, when they need it. Also, it saves locals on printing costs.

Upcoming events

Members can find out about all of the important events going on in their local, bargaining unit, and work location, from contract negotiation updates to annual social events.

Contract violation reports

Are your members facing problems on the job? They can report a possible contract violation, right through their phone, saving your locals the administrative hassle of inputting data and tracking down missing information.

Automated news feeds

If your locals already maintain a thriving web presence or social media profiles, they can direct the content from those places into UnionConnect. Members will automatically receive updates when new content is posted.

Board and staff directories

Using UnionConnect can be an easy way for members to find out who works at their local, and who their leadership are.

Broad compatibility

Our platform works on all of the most popular smartphones, so you know you are reaching everyone.